Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Color Processes

     Michael Siegel made a good post on facebook about color and how little it has to do with describing form. So I did some studies focusing on two techniques, adding color after values are done and directly applying colors and keeping the value in mind. Two different mind sets each with different results.
     As Anthony Jones talks about in his livestreams applying colors after values allows you to focus more on the design of the image, while working with straight color it's just one more thing to think about. I find this to be true but working with color from the get go always seems to yield better results. It is worth continuing to do both though. Maybe down the road the two will come together for me or the project will dictate which technique to use.

Both from ref, courtesy of  http://www.cinemasquid.com/blu-ray/movies/screenshots

Straight color:

Color after value:

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Almighty Sketchbook

I love the time I spend in my sketch book. I usually spend an hour to two hours at the end of the day sitting up in bed drawing. In that time I try to bust out two to three pages usually consisting of a blend of referenced and non referenced anatomy from various pose books and a page of imaginative work. I also date the beginning page of each sketch book and wind up filling one every three months it seems. Point is sketchbooks are awesome.

Btw I love non-photo blue leads.